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Favorite Song About An Animal (humans excluded)

What is your favorite song about an animal. One animal not about a species or a reference.

My favs are:

Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy. Its a sad song that’s well written and beautiful. This video is all pictures of horses so if you like horses this is for you.

A Horse With No Name a song of desolation where names do not matter. A man riding his horse in the desert. Its by America the group. A video of all pictures of the desert.

Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Paul and Mary. Its about a dragon a real honest to God dragon that lives in a cave called Honnah Lee.

The next song as a child I thought was about Snoopy from Peanuts but it was the word Sloopy. I did some research and it most likely is about Dorothy Sloop who went by name Sloopy. She was a jazz singer. No clue the connection. Everytime I think of this song I think Snoopy but its not. Its by the McCoys from the 60s.

Yet checking youtube there are many renditions ehere Sloopy was replaced with Snoopy. Here is one.

What is your favorite song about an animal?


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