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Favorite street food -- GO!

Dear hivemind, I need help! My friend and I are planning an International Street Food potluck party (a couple months ago, we had a regular international foods dinner party where everybody made stuff from different countries; we wanted to do the same thing with a bit of a twist).

Street food is one of my absolute favorite parts of traveling. It's an amazing way to try local delicacies, and really branch out with your palate. I think this is gonna be a really fun night; however, I want to be able to give people ideas on what to make, because I sense some people might think this is more difficult than it really is.


So this is where you come in. What are some of your favorite street foods? Local in your hometown, or your favorite foods you've encountered while traveling...whatever you've got, throw it at me!

(I personally am most likely going to make a few Indian dishes — daal papdi chaat, curry fries, and some Mexican street tacos/elote)

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