EXCLUDING Coca-Cola and Pepsi ;P

Mine is this German beauty:

It's Friday and I'm trying my best not to fall asleep at work. I went out for a friend's birthday meal last night and I came home at 10 and I was EXHAUSTED. It was just a post-work dinner at a nice bistro/bar place, nothing like clubbing or heavy drinking! I was already struggling at half past eight.. had some nice enchiladas but sadly the urge to give in to food coma was too strong to keep up with the conversation and I have trouble understanding people when a lot of background noise is going on, so that wears me out as well. Ungh. Tonight I am going to veg out on the sofa and will either watch Iron Man 3 or finish season 3 of Mad Men with capriciaMAN. Yes. Still looking for some not so greasy snacks as my period makes me feel like a giant slug.. :( How are you lovelies doing today?