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favourite cold remedy... go!

ok, GTers. since at least half of us (and our kids and spouses) are deathly ill with whatever this vicious virus is, i want to know what youall do for yourself when you've got a nasty cold/flu.

my usual method is to eat a clove of raw garlic every day, add some zinc drops to my giant glass of orange juice (no pulp, please!), and add some hot sauce to my chicken soup. if i'm sick but want to eat, i'll make extra-hot chili or extra-garlicky spaghetti sauce, or homemade veggie soup. if i don't have any plans, a shot of whiskey and a tablespoon of raw honey in a big mug of tea is greatly comforting.

bath tea is good... i dump a handful of dried peppermint (the herb), a handful of dried lavender, and a handful of dried chamomile into a washcloth and tie it with a rubber band. put in bath tub with nice hot water and steam those sinuses open!


i'm currently curled up in bed with my laptop, one cat (the other is curled up in bed with kid3, who came home with a fever of 101 about 2 hours ago), a big glass of SunnyD (it'll do), and a box of kleenex. i've sneezed so much my neck and shoulders hurt, coughed so hard i nearly threw up, and i haven't been able to breathe through my nose in 3 days.

so, come on. give me your best shot! what do you do to feel better when you're miserable with a cold?

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