I love the matryoshka on the slope style course.

Also, the BBC commentators for slope style are HILARIOUS and I wish you could all hear them. They're the most enthusiastic people on the planet, as far as I can tell, and they're having the most fun. They just sang "I'm easy, easy like Sonntag Morgen" because a) it was Sunday morning and b) Anna Gasser was about to start and she's Austrian (and she deserved soothing music because she had to try and walk up a small icy slope and slipped down inelegantly right before her run). And then they all screamed… and then they all cried! Crying commentators! I could watch slope style all day.

Plus: JENNY JONES! JENNY JONES! JENNY JONES! JENNY JONES! It's my first living-room chant of the games.

Serious question: are female snow athletes all unusually pretty? Or does the gear just make them look that way? Does the light reflect extra flatteringly off the snow?