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FB group calls on Israeli women to post racy photos for IDF morale

This is so gross.

What about the morale of the women in the IDF? Women in Israel are subject to the same mandatory military service requirement as the men. Leaving aside the larger questions around the Gaza offensive, this Facebook group implies that all women can do in this conflict is post racy pictures to motivate the men.


Also given the way the Gaza offensive is going, do the men of the IDF really need half naked pictures to motivate them? Seems like a pretty flimsy excuse for this Facebook group.

The page's creator had this to say:

"We have two bountiful resources in Israel that are impossible to compete with, Israeli minds and the most beautiful women in the world," Beyo explained in a post on Facebook.


"We also have a military front so… why not combine the two?" he added.

Right, because it takes so much brain power to throw up a Facebook group.

Then there are larger issues around the intersections between sex and violence don't feel I know enough about to go into, but still make this extra revolting.


Anybody else feel like hiding under the covers for the rest of this craptastic week?

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