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FB post from a guy who has a history of calling women "fatties"

I was very pleased to see a college friend of mine post this article from The Atlantic about the average man's body. (Please give it a read! The following criticisms of my friend are not directed at the content of this article.)

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However, I quickly remembered how often he'd express his misogynistic views about what constituted "hotness" in women while denigrating "fatties."

Perhaps he's evolved since college into someone who more so sees women as human beings who occupy bodies of different sizes. However, I'm skeptical that someone who has such a strong history of spouting misogyny would have radically altered his views. Either way, if he's remotely the same person I remember from hanging out with him in college, his posting this article comes across to me as hypocritical. Posting this article tells me that he may want society to be more accepting of average men's bodies, but may not care about society's narrow views of what is an acceptable body size for women nor want to acknowledge his role in shaping these negative perceptions of women.


Sure, the article isn't explicitly a political statement about how we should be more accepting of men's bodies, but sharing it with your Facebook friends indicates that you want the world to know what average men look like and thus be more accepting of men's different body types.

Please note that I fully acknowledge that I may be reading too much into this.

This isn't the first time I've encountered someone who wants positive social change for one group while willfully ignoring the insidiousness of misogyny. I and other feminists once complained to a Facebook group about posting a sexist joke, and someone trolled me, telling me to "lighten up" and proceeded to use threatening language towards me (I wound up reporting him for bullying and Facebook responded in my favor). This person had the Human Rights Campaign equal sign symbol as his Facebook photo around the time when the Supreme Court was deliberating about DOMA. In other words, this person outwardly stood up for the cause of marriage equality, yet proceeded to bully a feminist into ignoring the implications of a sexist joke.


It seems that some left-leaning individuals enthusiastically support social justice causes while simultaneously brushing off feminist issues. Has anyone else encountered this form of hypocrisy on social media or IRL?

ETA: Because I am so immersed in the body acceptance literature, I was primed to interpret the purpose article from The Atlantic in light of the body acceptance cause. It's actual purpose seems to be to address the reasons behind the so-called "obesity epidemic." Thanks, k2b, for pointing out my error. Lesson learned: Read more carefully...

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