This is just breaking. FBI arrests Roger Stone—-no opportunity to come in on his own—-CNN has recording of them pounding on his door at 5 am—-lots of charges of him lying to the SC——charges say they have proof he was indeed being in formal contact of the campaign—his contact with Wikileaks, campaign communications with him.

Charge directly connect the Trump campaign with Wikileaks. I’d like to know how CNN got word to be there—-they have film of the large, heavily armed FBI force banging on Stone’s door before dawn in Florida—waking him up to take him in. CNN reporting that they do this when they fear the person is a flight risk or that they may destroy evidence if they are aware the FBI is going to arrest them.

Charges are obstruction of justice, multiple counts of making a false statement to the SC and witness tampering.

Important to note—-charges do not say that Stone had direct contact with Assange, nor do they say he directly controlled the release. Only that he knew about it and that someone in the Trump campaign wanted advance notice of what dirt at Wikileaks had —-and that Stone gave them that. I’m seeing some speculation on twitter that the campaign member was Bannon—which would be great because he has been very careful so far —and there has not been a lot about his connections to this. Also—remember that in the end, the drop of info was in response to the release of the Access Hollywood tape—that dropped and immediately after—-Wikileaks released their info to distract the public.


It sounds like now that the witness the charges refer to was Randy Credico —the radio host who had a connection to Assange and Wikileaks, and that Stone pressured him to walk back his testimony that he knew anything about a connection between them.

CNN reporter saying he was not tipped off—he noticed an unusual amount of courthouse activity and did a stakeout and was there when the FBI showed up.

Editing to add—Jeffrey Toobin is saying that the campaign connection probably was not Bannon—that Stone was trying to contact Bannon and he said Bannon would not call him back.


Adding—CNBC disagrees with Toobin:


MSNBC showing local helicopter coverage of FBI searching Stone’s house in Florida. People on Twitter saying they are at his NY apartment now as well.


So the Fl judge read the charges, let Stone off with a $250,000 signature bond. He had to surrender his passport (it was expired) and his travel is limited to South Florida, NY and DC. He has to appear before the court in DC for the next phase. He is not allowed to contact any witnesses relating to this case.

He’s going to address the press a little after noon. He is probably loving this attention.


He comes out giving Nixon’s V for Victory signs—says he will plead not guilty, he will not say anything against the President—yada yada yada.

They scared his dogs.

Crowd is booing and chanting “Lock Him UP”