Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Holy crap. I mostly switched to Kirkland last year, but I fed Buster and Sophie Taste of the Wild for years, and I still buy it when I forget to plan ahead (I have to order the Kirkland from the Costco website).


And now I have a dilemma. I have an unopened, 28-lb. bag of Taste of the Wild small breed dry food. I tried to return it to Amazon, and they gave me a refund, but said not to ship the bag back.

So what the hell do I do with it? I’m obviously not going to feed it to the dogs, and donating it to a shelter seems really sketchy. Maybe it’s OK because it would be split between so many dogs? Throwing it away seems so wasteful — it’s a $50 bag of food.

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