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Fear and Slipping on a Mountain

Y'all! I have fear in my heart!

I live in Northern California. We are in the midst of a very serious drought. Like, don't flush your pee, serious. Like, my parents' town is expected to run dry in a few months, serious. Anyway, it's raining this morning! Hooray! And we actually have some rain in next week's forecast. So this rain is VERY, VERY WELCOME.

But. There is always a but. Or a butt.

I run in a trail group. We are training for a trail-half marathon. Today we have an 8.5 miler on a mountainside. Running in the rain isn't the issue. It's the slipping and falling. I am freaking out, but I have to do it. Because I can't wuss out. Trail running is my personal challenge for the year. I can't let myself down. It just is super scary, because we haven't had any rainy or muddy runs at all until today. I'm scared. I will also be wearing a neon yellow running jacket, in case I fall off a cliff. And I am bringing my health insurance card, to keep in my fanny pack. Uggghhhhh, rain.


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