I'm just saying this just to say it, wtf flu. Also, armchair psychology alert!

I have anxiety issues, and they are directly connected to health stuff. I don't know what happened. I wasn't always like this and then 9/11 happened and I had to handle a lot of intense stuff.

I had to be in such tight control of a bunch of things that my mind decided to freak out over one thing I could not possibly control - illness.

Now, when something happens (like oh, I woke up and my whole arm was swollen) I immediately zoom to the worst. If it's something that I've handled before, say, migraines, I can handle it.

But the flu is freaking me out. I got the shot but a number of people who died were immunized. It's my age group. And I teach a bunch of disgusting college students who share their germs with abandon.


I know I can't control this. All I can do is wash my hands and try not to touch my face. And lysol/handy wipe/ purell the shit out of doorknobs/keyboards/toilet handles, etc. And not leave the house and be with the public ever.

Oh yeah, it's going to be a great semester. Everyone else doesn't ever seem to think about these things. I want to be all rico suavey.