I am so sick of being in pain. It's now been nearly 7 months of constant, unrelenting pain of some form or another or all at once.

If it isn't my back then it's my neck or my boob or my nipple or my knee or my sinuses or my eyes or oh god I don't even know what's next.

My lovely former brain scientist husband thought it would be helpful to discuss studies showing how chronic pain basically causes a form of brain damage, and thought this would...motivate me? Or something? I'm not sure. He thought he was helping but now I feel even worse.

I mean this politely but please guys don't suggest cures. I know you mean well but it just feels like I haven't tried hard enough to take care of these things. I have. All the things have been attempted at this point. I feel like I can't talk to many people about this, in spite of having an army of nice mum friends, because they start helpfully offering solutions that I have tried over and over. It's a bit isolating.

I'd love some tea and sympathy. Please to give tea and sympathy. <3