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Fedoras were feminist! (Once upon a time...)

Not that fedoras are inherently anti-feminist. I personally have a very classy pinstriped one from about 5 years ago. However, we all are probably familiar with the fedora's common association with "nice guys" and the MRA movement in the Internet's opinion. (And the poor trilby, which has been dragged along for the ride...)

Cracked's new article, 5 Awesome Things With Inexplicably Bad Reputations, highlights the fedora as its #1 misunderstood thing. From the article:

You could be forgiven for believing that the fedora just materialized on a dude's head one day, perhaps after he successfully inserted 12 separate "get me a sandwich" jokes into a single piece of My Little Pony erotic fan fiction. But the hat's real origin was entirely unrelated to Applejack and Gilda discovering their repressed love: It got its name from the 19th century play Fedora, in which actress Sarah Bernhardt wore a stylish, narrow-brimmed women's hat while playing the lead, Princess Fedora. Female fans of Bernhardt picked up the style, which soon became an early symbol of women's liberation. Only later did fedoras become associated with menswear. In other words, like those Satanists who unknowingly wear an ancient Christian symbol around their necks, MRAs have picked the wrong symbol for their movement and should try adopting something new.


Kinda interesting, right?

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