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Feedback on planet prints...

What are your thoughts on this layout? Color is not final and aside from the planet names the text is placeholder, FYI. The cluster of planets will be screened in gray with the corresponding planet highlighted per print.

Some things I am curious about...

  • Does the banner make it too juvenile-looking? I currently sell Mercury and Venus, and they are completely text-driven. I wanted something a little more dynamic.
  • Thinking of highlighting one piece of key text in the coordinating color (shown, again, placeholder text so it's just for the visual).
  • I thought perhaps each could have a little tiny something unique—like the Venus print I've converted Venus and Earth to hearts because they are "sister planets." Again, too twee/silly?
  • Along the same lines, I could add a secondary banner that has somewhat of a slogan for each—I have no text for this figured out but some examples would be...say....something about the fact that Uranus has rings too, or Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet, etc etc.
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Also working on a print for Jupiter's whopping 67 moons, which I think will be cool :-)

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