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Feel Good, Inc.: Brag it Out Thread

Share your good deeds from this past year, this holiday season, or your lifetime.

While some think that bragging about the good stuff you do somehow discounts the goodness, that's just bollocks. AND sometimes, we need a pat on the back or more ideas on how to do some good.


Today, Mr. Farce found out he'll be getting time and a half pay for OT, which is unheard of for a firefighter still in the probationary period, and he has to work like 20 extra hours this week. So we "adopted" a kid from town who needs stuff for the new year to make use of the extra pay. Truth be told, we could really really use that money ourselves, but we don't have to ask for socks and undershirts for Christmas. The kid is in his mid-teens and his "luxury wants" include a cactus and a 500 piece puzzle. Broke my heart into a million pieces, and we decided to help him instead of saving for our wedding.

Please brag in the comments!

*I realize the caption on that first photo in the collage is wrong and it's annoying me, too, but I"m too lazy to make my own version.

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