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Feeling A Bit Peevish

Friends of TamTams, if I text you with a question about something that is not business related during business hours, don't immediately call me and then get pissed when I don't pick up.

I can text. I cannot talk. Why is this a difficult concept? I'm sitting in a quiet office. I can text to my heart's content because texting is SILENT. I cannot talk to you about when* (*corrected from 'where') we're going to dinner later, and no I can't whisper (which was a REAL SUGGESTION) while I'm sitting two feet away from my boss.

One particular friend does this several times a month no matter how many times I tell her I'm at work and I can't talk. I just don't get it.


She is otherwise a very lovely person and I love her but every time she does this I just want to smack her. She always says 'Well why did you text if you can't talk?' and I always say, 'I text because I can't talk!' I mean, that is logical right? Don't people text when they can't talk?

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