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Feeling angsty

Headed out for a live music show tonight. Unfortunately going solo as I could not get a friend go with me despite my offer to buy someone a ticket. It's gonna be a great show but not a very mainstream act/ DJ (Trentemoeller).

The biggest issue, besides having to stand around by myself, is that a huge former crush of mine is likely to be there and the last time I talked to him (at any length) was at the same venue and same musical artist seven years ago... so, I'm gonna feel awkward because I haven't talked to him much since then and have really avoided him.

There's a part of me that would like to reconnect and be friends(ish) but I stopped talking to him because things got weird between us...


Then again, despite all my angsty, he may not be there at all and of course I will be weirdly disappointed.

Feelings are weird. *sigh*

ETA: smoked a big bowl and had a special weed snack! So, somewhat self medicated, now to get dressed and call a cab!

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