So, I'm feeling a little conflicted about something.

My sister has donated to this pro-life organization in my name. However, I'm pro-choice. Now I keep getting mail and emails from them, which is pesky but not the worst thing ever. This first time this happened was a few years ago, but I just got an email from them for tax purposes about another $100 pledged in my name from 2013. I'm conflicted how to feel about this because, from what I understand, they provide information to mostly low-income women with unexpected pregnancies and supposedly also provide some other forms of support. I can't really find much specific information on their website about what they do to help these women, though. Only that they provide information and free tests, ultrasounds, consultations, and referrals. But the email says things like this, "Thank you for being an investor in the mission to erase the need for abortion." The thing is, I'm all for supporting women in whatever way they feel is best for them in their particular situation. But I don't want to somehow endorse activities that will further erode women's rights. I also don't want to offend my sister or possibly get into a fight with her about it.

Should I say something to my sister or should I just not worry about it?