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Feeling confused - a guy at work just asked me for my address

Like the title says.

I did not give him my address. Fuck polite, right?

Anyway, I’m feeling confused about this right now. How weird is this? Really weird? Not that weird?


Some specific details: I did an assessment with one of the individuals that this guy supervises a program for. He filled out some additional assessments for me and I went to pick it up. I’ve chatted with him a little bit every time we meet. He often asks where I live, or wants to talk about the area where I live, which I thought was just about making small talk. We did exchange numbers and emails so that he could contact me when he finishes the assessment I gave him to fill out. I thought this was all business but maybe he interpreted it differently?

So he calls this morning and leaves a message that he finished it. I go over and he is friendly. At the beginning of the conversation he asks why I didn’t pick up his call, which I thought was a little strange - I was in a meeting? All I really need to do is take them from him but he asks me to sit down, which I thought at the time has to do with going over them and making sure he didn’t miss anything. Then at the end, when it looks like we don’t have anything else to discuss, he asks for my address (“so maybe I can find you there”), which I say I’m not comfortable giving out. He remains friendly and we end the conversation.


I now feel freaked out and don’t really want to go back there although realistically, I probably will need to at some point for some reason or another. I did talk to another coworker who confirmed it was weird and would freak her out, especially since he said “so maybe I can find you there.” She suggested I mention it to both my supervisors the next time I meet with them. I guess I’m just looking to see if that’s a consensus or if anyone has any alternative explanations. He is from Africa, so I don’t know if there’s a cultural difference and maybe this is a less intrusive question where he’s from. But I also feel like that’s probably not the case.

What say you, hivemind?

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