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Feeling creeped out in a public space? There's an app for that!

Sorry for the kind of flippant title— this app is actually pretty cool.

Safetrek lets you hold onto the app ‘button’ when you feel you’re in an unsafe space. Let go of that button for any reason (you’ve had your phone taken away from you, say, or you are forced to let it go in an altercation) and the phone will call the police, using your tracked location as a guide for them.

You can enter a pin number when you’re in a safe place so that it doesn’t trigger a police call.


Anyway, I know walking places while female is a little scary. And while I don’t relish the idea of paying for peace of mind (there’s a fairly reasonable monthly subscription), this is sort of an interesting idea that I hope brings you some security... but, mainly, I hope you never have to use it.*

*I’m not affiliated with SafeTrek, just an interested user. I searched GT to see if anyone had talked about it before, and found nothing, so I hope this isn’t a double post. The app’s actually been around for awhile.

** Welcome me back. I just remembered how to log into this account for the purposes of sharing maybe-vital information with interested parties.

Stay safe out there, ladies! (And gents.)

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