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Feeling Disturbed (TW: Possible animal abuse?)

The other day I helped throw a baby shower for one of my friends. Her mom came over early (to bring jello shots?) and brought her new puppy with her. The puppy is a purebred German Shepard brought over on a plane from Germany and she is training it to be a service dog for her alleged (self-diagnosed) PTSD.

Anyway when she brought the puppy in it got very excited to see my friend's dog and they ran around for a little bit before my friend's mom had had enough. She put the dog on a leash and proceeded to FREAK out on it if it didn't follow her commands perfectly (the puppy is only a few months old.) She would scream at the puppy and then yank the leash as hard as she could slamming the puppy to the ground and choking it because it was wearing one of those barbed choke collars. And she told us she met a dog trainer she was going to employ who had told her to be even stricter/ rougher with the dog so it would grow up knowing she was the pack leader.

The whole thing left me sick to my stomach but I didn't know if I should say anything. Is this a legitimate way to train a dog? Obviously my gut is telling me no, but it's also possible I'm being too sensitive. Are there any GTers with more knowledge of dog training who can let me know if this sounds legit or not? It's just really been bothering me.

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