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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Feeling Groovy-How About You?

I've been ranting about statistics anxiety for, like, the last three weeks now. Shout out to everyone that has encouraged me, talked me down, and helped me with amazing advice about how to do this type of math. This is the reason I love GT, Jezebel, and my fellow Jezzies. Y'all rock in every way.

But I'm feeling good today.


I have my midterm tomorrow (I actually can't use a cheat sheet, but I only have 16 questions to answer), and I feel a bit intimidated, but I have less anxiety now. Partly because of my tutor and professor, and also because of my therapist. They've all told me that I shouldn't be afraid of the 'm' word. This type of math, which I finally realized the other day, may have confusing wording. But it's words. I just need to link the concepts to the formulas, and then I can read the words and figure it out. I can do words. Words are fun!

I'm never going to be Nate Silver (except I would like to be drunk Nate Silver, but when I do get a bit drunkie I tend to predict the future), but I am going to be VV. And, last time I checked, I've never backed down from a fight. In fact, fighting is one of the things I'm really good at.


I'm also happy because I just got off of Skype with my parents (they're in Italy), and had a great conversation with my dad about Hunter S. Thompson. He started reading him in '75, and told me to look up the old Rolling Stone articles. When I have more time, I will. I can't even believe I have time to read some Thompson now!

I'm hella grateful for everything in my life. I'm pretty lucky (luck of a third generation Irish-American?), and I realized that the reasons I'm where I'm at today came from hard work. I'm not the best student-well, I get A's and stuff, but I've always been the kid who fucks around. In high school, on my 'therapy' days I just cut class to hang out with the librarian and smoke in the parking lot (bad habit I still haven't kicked). No one really gave a shit-more about white girl privilege I guess-but I was a good writer and that carried me into a great college. I'm more mature than my peers, and I know more about life, the pitfalls, and resilience.


This sounds pretty self indulgent, I know. But it's rare that I feel like I can conquer the world.

So, today, I want to pose a question to y'all: What are you most proud of about yourself? What got you to the places you got to today? And are you feeling groovy? And what makes that so?


Also, have a good day everyone! Get your groove on!

Also, I would like to have a gif party right now!

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