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Feeling like a boss (Adulting and simple car repairs-ish)

My car door has freezing issues when water gets into the driver's side mechanism, and with the rain we had a few days ago + the freezing temps shortly after, my little Taurus decided to get temperamental.

First, the latch wouldn't engage, so the door wouldn't stay shut. A few hours in a parking garage fixed it yesterday. Today, the same thing happened, so I WD-40'd the heck out of it... Still no solution.

So I fiddled with the mechanism to work the lubricant in... And got the mechanism stuck in "lock" while the door was open, so it was not only not shutting, but now with an inch gap between the door and the side of the car.


Meanwhile, I badly needed groceries, and I tried Step #2 in the parking lot, so I had to hold the door shut while driving with groceries. This was an adventure, to say the least. Finally, I got home and googled some solutions. I took a screwdriver out, held the door handle in the open position, and fiddled with the mechanism. Lo and behold, my car door latches again!

I am inordinately proud of myself for getting the lock working again. I know this is pretty trivial, but I don't have money to pay people to do repairs, and the idea of leaving my car door ajar and unlocked all night makes me ultra super nervous, so this feels like a massive achievement. Wooo Adulting!

Oh, and I just bought this car from my mom literally last weekend. It is my first car. That is the other thing.

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