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Welcome To The Bitchery

Feeling Like a Proud but Tired Mama Bird

This morning at 7am, I was woken up by my 17 year old cousin phoning me. We're good buddies and I've always let her know that if she ever needed a place to crash or an escape from a bad party or what-have-you, she could come to me without judgement. So, I knew when she called that something weird was up.

Turns out, she was at a party and then "we were all kicked out," which I assume means someone's folks came home earlier than expected. Anyway, their response to a roomful of drunk teenagers was to kick them all out of the house. I'll admit, I'd be mad as hornets if I came home to that, but really...you think the best response is to send a bunch of drunk teenagers out to their cars in the dark?! Anyway, she called me because she was "too intoxicated to drive home" (verbatim text!) So of course I was like, get over here now.

She didn't even seem tipsy when she arrived, just very, very sheepish. But you guys, I am SO PROUD OF HER! I'm so happy that she did the right thing and didn't decide to drive home or sleep in her car and that she knew herself enough to know that she didn't feel safe driving at that point. I'm also super psyched that she felt she could come to me.


I'm way drowsy from the early morning wakings-up, but I ain't even mad.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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