"Behind them they heard the roar and rumble of Smaug's fury. He was breaking rocks to pieces, smashing wall and cliff with the lashings of his huge tail."โ€” The Hobbit

We all have literary characters we identify with. Mine is Smaug. I wish that I could be an arrogant, fire breathing dragon that was entranced by riddles. In lieu of doing quantitative work, I could spend my days incinerating my enemies, devouring ponies, and staring at the Arkenstone. I too am haughty, smug, suffer from avarice, and have a sardonic sense of humor. At one point I believed that I was invincible. Don't you want to see my impenetrable belly? I neglected to see the open heart scale, that was essentially beckoning for an arrow to find it. Like Smaug, I fell. But when I fell, I destroyed my equivalent of Esgaroth, (Lake-Town) and began the Battle of the Five Armies, from the seeds of discord I had planted in the heads of a burglar.

Does anyone else feel solidarity with a literary character?

"Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!"โ€” The Hobbit