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Feeling Lost & PAIN IDENTITY

I feel lost. I feel lost geographically, financially, socially, and romantically. I’m mourning an extraordinary person who doesn’t know how to scoop me up and not let me go. I’m grieving leaving a city where I never felt at home, but after leaving have felt intense homesickness for. I’m wallowing in the fear that I’ve never found my community and I’ve never found my little piece of land, and my compass just spins around never settling on one direction.

BUT! That’s all ok. Because right now we have a question to answer. If you were a physical pain of the human body, what physical pain of the human body would you be? Please take into account cause, duration, affect on the rest of the body, ability to spread or stay local, and the type of doctor and/or medicine that can/cannot help.

BUT DON’T BE MORBID HERE. This is just for fun.

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