Hey groupthink! So my boyfriend has been studying for the NY bar exam for several weeks now and I'm starting to feel neglected. We are in a long distance relationship (though only separated by two hours) and we talk for about 10 minutes a day. No texting or anything. So this has been semibearable but now he is taking it to the extreme. i know he has to remain focused, but when i call needing to talk for more than 10 minutes he acts like im trying to keep him away from passing the bar. I was in his city right by his house and I asked if he could meet me for 10 minutes for dessert and he said he couldn't do jy because of bar prep stuff. He came and gave me a hug and left after one minute. And next week I am going out of the country for six weeks and i expressed to him that I wanted to see him and he replied that we can see each other briefly but no dinner or anything lengthy like that. Is bar prep so tedious that you cant sacrifice 2 hours to have dinner with your girlfriend? Im not even going to be back in the country until after the test! Maybe i am overreacting and just being too needy. Im very sleepy so im not making the most sense. But can anybody help? Maybe?