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Feeling Nostalgic or Baby Fangirling

So apparently Nook has released and is releasing all the old Baby-Sitter's Club books.

Still mad I let my mother get rid of all my BSC books in junior high, it was one of those impulsive teen decisions. I thought it was baby-ish to hold onto them, but thanks to awesome nostalgia blogs and fanfiction I can get my BSC fix now as an adult.

This may or may not stop me from buying some Super Specials when I have some extra cash.


Who else read Baby-Sitter's Club? Ages 7-10 it was pretty much all Baby-Sitter's Club all the time, I was in the fan club when Scholastic would send you some trinket and the newsletter. I had the board game, the chain letter book, a Stacey doll, so much other stuff I can't even remember. Seriously Ann M. Martin is an evil genius.

I remember one summer she came to our local Boarder's and did a signing. It was just chaos, girls and their mom's waiting on line. Thankfully my dad who is a school counselor was home that day and took me. I remember we got on the line to wait and they had a massive sales display of books in the center. My Dad told me to pick out as much as I wanted because it was a special day and we'll make it part of my birthday present. My parent's have a little more now, and we live in a nice town so I could go to a good school but my parent's were both working at least 50-60 hours a week so I could have extras at the time.

For a bookworm girl to meet her favorite author and have a book shopping spree, well that's just the best day ever. We must have been there for a few hours too, and it was so loud and crowded with girls and my Dad was awesome throughout. Making small talk with the moms, carrying all my loot as I raided the shelves. Asking me questions when I found something "I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOREVER!". Then my 10 minute explanation of why it was awesome.

To this day I'm still a bookworm because I was encouraged to read and encouraged to be excited by what I was reading. I was encouraged to research what interested me, and join communities or groups with other like-minded people.


Sitting proudly on my couch is a Doctor Who blanket that my parent's bought me for Christmas. They happily listened to my 10 minute explanation about why it was awesome.

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