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Feeling Random & Hulu Plus

I can't form coherent thoughts right now, so here's some snippets

-Hulu has all of the Real Houswives shows. This will be bad

-Hulu also has the documentary "Life After Tomorrow" about girls who were in Annie on broadway back in the 70s and 80s. Including Sara Jessica Parker who played Annie which was a a new bit of trivia for me. Its a little weird because as a little kid she had the same face she has now as a grown-up lady, like photoshop style.


-Tonight the Geekboy and I are going to make tacos and watch the classic bad movie The Room (Seriously watch this movie if you love bad movies.)

- I resolve that if I brush my cats for a couple minutes a day with the Furminator (which is seriously worth the hype) it might be easier than fighting every week or so.

-Back to Hulu Plus does anyone have Hulu Plus and any Hulu recommends

-The below article has sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole and I curse my brokeness because now I just want to see all of the Broadway.


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