It's my mom's birthday today. I called More Cupcakes - a bakery here that I've used to ship my mom cupcakes before - and placed an order to be delivered today. They never arrived. I checked my bank statement; I was never charged for them. It's really important to me that I send my mom sweets for her birthday. I remember her crying to my aunt when I was around 7 that my dad had never gotten her a birthday cake. My aunt brought over a pretty cake with poinsettias on it. Since I was 19, I've been shipping my mom treats for her birthday since I don't live close enough to bake her anything. This is the first year I missed it. I didn't send her a card, either, since a note was supposed to be included with the cupcakes. :(

I also treated my fiance to a SUPER FANCY dinner for his birthday last week, and it was super screwy. It took four hours - over an hour to order entrees, an hour to get the entrees, and the entrees were cold when we got them... the meal was VERY EXPENSIVE and they didn't even offer us a piece of cake for free since the service was so bad.

Screwing up birthday choices left and right these days, man. At least the fancy steakhouse sent me a $100 gift card when I complained to the manager. But my poor mommy. My aunt is deceased, so she can't even sub in for me and get my ma a cake.