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Welcome To The Bitchery

This is about Friend A, B, and C. And ex-Hopeful and New Guy.

I need to vent again. I vented to Friend A earlier but now I'm still upset but about other things. I guess it's one of those days?

Lately, I have been feeling like it is a very good thing that I am moving to another state for grad school. Over the past few months, I had been trying to get Friends A, B, and C together for lunch because I no longer see most of them (me and Friend A are pretty close and we make an effort to see each other as often as possible). The last time we all tried to get together for lunch was back in February I believe, and Friends B and C canceled. This was probably the 2nd or 3rd time that the four of us couldn't get together. I get it. People are busy and have things to do...But really? So instead that day I decided to head over to Friend A's house and we went to lunch. We briefly expressed our annoyance that yet again, the four of us couldn't get together.


Friend B and I have been texting once in a while to say hi and all that. She has been busy studying for the MCAT, working, wedding planning, taking care of little brother who now lives with her and fiance and busy doing life in general. Cool, I get that. I hint that we should get together and she agrees. Fast forward to Saturday and I wish her luck on the MCAT and she texted me the next day and then I respond and get no answer. Ok, I'm used to that. Today she texts me "I'm so bad at keeping up a texting conversation" and continues to answer my question from the day before. For some reason, that just set me off and I just felt crappy. I feel like I've had a similar thing going on with a now ex-friend. I am tired of little things like "Oh I'm so bad at keeping up conversations" and "I'm so sorry I haven't kept in touch". Either fix the behavior or stop responding to me, because saying sorry doesn't do anything.

I haven't even heard from Friend C who just recently got engaged on V-Day...

People are busy and all that, but to be honest, after a while it feels like an excuse.

Friend A has mentioned to me that they seem like they aren't planners. I guess maybe some of us are good at making plans to get together and some aren't. I don't know, but I am hurt and tired and I've gone through this with other people before but not in the same way. I feel like it's one thing to not be a "planner", but it's another to constantly not follow through with plans that you've committed to and then not bothering to make new plans.

Then I'm venting to ex-Hopeful and I just opened up a can of worms on myself 'cause I basically told him I feel like he doesn't value me any more. Oh and I'm annoyed with a new guy for a pet peeve he does and I realize may or may not be a big deal but I'm just over it all...


I don't really need suggestions or critiques of my views on friendship, or whatever. Maybe some happy GIFs or something would be nice...

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