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I have been feeling really low lately.

My life is pretty much shit. In short — I dislike my job, I’m doing horribly in school, and my family is driving me crazy. I’m currently not speaking to my dad (which is a long and horrible story for another day) and for one reason or another I’m scared that one day he’ll kick me out for not being the ideal daughter or something. Due to cultural and financial restraints I can’t exactly extricate myself and it feels like I’m stuck in some weird limbo where I have a fuzzy idea of what I want my life to be but have no idea how to get there. The worst part is that I work at a psychologist’s office and all I hear is how exactly to help oneself move past whatever obstacles one might be facing and I have zero motivation to do so. Trying to convince myself to go into the kitchen and eat something feels like the most daunting task right now.

I figured I could shout out into the Kinja ether and hopefully get some internet hugs or some commiserating to draw me out of this funk for a bit.


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