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Feeling Sick (medical tmi?) and Grumpy

So yesterday I became convinced, due to internetting and paranoia, that I contracted Giardia in Egypt and it’s going to kill me. I dragged my weak, miserable ass over to the prompt care clinic and waited around, as one generally does. I guess they decided it is a bacteria because they just gave me a three day course of Cipro (antibiotics) and told me that if I got worse instead of better to go to the ER.

So now I am just lying about, eating bland foods and hating my life, and feeling tired and cranky as fuck. My roommate’s cat and I have been on better terms recently—she appears to become cuter every day, which ought to violate the laws of physics but so it is. I might do a cat post soon because she is so freaking cute and endearing and FLOOFY that she has wormed her way into my cold, black heart. But last night she was especially annoying with the meowing outside the door, and I am already sick and tired and grumpy. >:(

And I hate to say this, but...my roommate walks really loudly. Like, REALLY loudly. So I am trying to sleep in this morning and she is opening doors and drawers and rattling pill bottles and walking around and her cat is meowing so loud and I feel like I live with Stomp if Stomp had a cat.


Is there a nice way to tell her she walks too loud? I feel like this is not a thing you can say to someone else. The other night we were drinking and listening to music and dancing, and she started jumping, and I was able (without hurting her feelings, thank god) to remind her that we have people living below us. And if we think the people above us are ridiculously loud, the people below us probably think we are loud too! It is an ooooooold apartment with creaky wooden floors and when you step carelessly, it sort of...shakes the whole room?

So she took that really well at the time but she continues to walk loudly in daily life and I am afraid our downstairs neighbors will complain and make us buy a rug (I LOATHE rugs so this would break my heart). Plus it gets on my nerves! Loud walking is a pet peeve of mine, it drives me nuts when I visit my parents and my dad does it, but he is a man over fifty so he probably can’t help it or change his behavior now.

I know I am being nutty and unreasonable, but is there a way to talk to her about this? She has never lived in an apartment before so I think she is just used to houses that are actually solid and stuff.

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