I woke up to two text messages from my bank telling me I was below a certain limit.

Usually my course of action would be to do exactly nothing. I'm an extremely accomplished avoider, especially with financial stuff. My hobbies include spending too much money and being too afraid to check my bank account. Do you see my problem? The total sum of the overdraft charges I've accrued in my life is, I'm sure, astounding. I wouldn't know because my head is firmly planted in the sand at all times.

I've hardly even touched my debit card in a while though, so I knew this wasn't a case of me overspending. Had to bite the bullet, dust off the ol' Chase app, and face facts.

Ahhhh, Amazon Prime. Thanks for not warning me about the $79.99 charge. You sneaks. Really considerate of you. Luckily they make it pretty easy to cancel the membership and get a refund so I did that. Amazon Prime is a luxury I cannot afford right now, unfortunately. I think I made a small choice to be more in control of my life, which feels pretty good even if it seems like no big deal.

How's adulting going for you? As a reward for reading about my struggles in being a grown-up, here's this delightfully strange instagram video I found this morning.