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So I'm a pretty outdoorsy person. I've always enjoyed Eddie Bauer's styles and I really like some of their ripstop capris and shorts. It tends to be a little pricier than I'm willing to pay for anything except dedicated hiking gear (and it is not quite up to par for that) but I've ordered things from there on sale or whatever.

So there's an Eddie Bauer store near my vet's office, and a couple of weeks ago I was in there browsing while killing time as I'd gotten there a bit early to pick up a dog. It was super early in the morning and I was the only one in the store (except the employees, of course). I saw some great pants on clearance but I didn't buy them.

Today I had a bit of free time and decided to stop in fairly late afternoon to see if those pants were still available (they were...yay for getting $90 pants for $30). There were like 10 other customers in the store and every single one of them was in business attire. I was wearing jeans and hiking boots and felt seriously underdressed, which I wouldn't have expected at a store that carefully cultivates an outdoorsy image (I guess the "carefully cultivates" is probably key there). I compare it to REI where I used to go at least once a week for meetings/classes and always felt pretty comfortable, even though their apparel is a mix of the practical and the fashionable like Eddie Bauer is (though REI definitely tends more towards the practical while Eddie Bauer tends more towards the fashionable...I mean really, Eddie Bauer, cotton?).


Sorry, this is a weird rant but it was a weird experience. Nothing like being judged by a guy in a tailored suit as you're buying hiking pants.

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