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Feelings Checking In: Weinstein/McGowan/Sexual Assault


So, I am a sexual assault survivor. It was what you’d probably consider “illegitimate rape” if you were a Republican. I told this story long ago on here, but my abusive ex boyfriend would basically threaten to murder me if I didn’t have sex with him. At least once he did it by starting to strangle me (hard to remember because that time in my life is what I would call “nightmare salad”).


I never went to the police or anything (except to attempt to get a restraining order for his subsequent stalking after we broke up), and I didn’t really recognize it as rape until years later, honestly after I had started hanging around here.

So anyway, I don’t know if any SA survivors out there are having similar feelings as me in this moment but:

  • Energized: I am feeling like running around karate kicking everything into explosions. I’m really...pumped up. Rose McGowan tweeting today that Weinstein raped her like awakened some sort of ass kicker and felt like a huge cathartic breath of air for me.
  • Heartbroken for her and all his victims who are coming forward and have had to endure this and live watching this guy getting validation and success for decades
  • So damn fucking proud of Rose and these women.
  • I am so outraged at the structure in place that allows these powerful predators to thrive, and McGowan’s little Twitter suspension made me rage out a little this morning because it was such a targeted misogynist act considering all the sexist garbage (and rape threats, no less!) women on Twitter face all the time.

So anyway. I’ve got a lot of feelings.

Everyone doing ok? About this or anything else?


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