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Feelings when you hear a thing about yourself that's probably right but you didn't want to hear it

I have some kind of feeling about this and I can’t pinpoint it: amusement? Annoyance? Surprise? My brother is in town (not staying with me because it’s for other things) but we had dinner and I asked about my dad’s new girlfriend, and apparently she is mother-in-law to a guy I graduated high school with. I remember the guy, he’s fine, we’re not close and never were but he seemed nice. Anyway apparently she asked her son-in-law if he remembered me, and he said “yeah, she was very opinionated.”

Um, excuse me but in the biopic in my head about my life, I was extremely quiet and polite as a teenager and never would have had OPINIONS at school.

Of course my brother thought this all was great because my family is full of loudmouths and we all fight about how we are each not a loudmouth. And my husband extra thought it was great because he thinks we are all opinionated loudmouths and has to hide when we are all together.

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