Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My feet have shrunk. I don't know why and if it's a permanent thing or not. Yes I lost a little weight - but not even a full clothing size so that shouldn't have made my feet drop almost a half-size. I clop like a horse when I walk around in my heels. It adds that extra level of professionalism when I go on interviews (eyeroll). I don't think the shoes have stretched, I only wear them for interviews for usually less than an hour at a time.

Anyone have experience with this? I haven't bought new shoes because I'm convinced that my feet will change back again as soon as the shoes are non-returnable. But I'd like to not fall out of my shoes. Argh. I gave up on owning cute shoes forever ago, so it feels like an added insult that even the ugly ones won't stay on my stupid feet now.

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