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​Felicia Day is my lifespiration...

Felicia Day is an actress and writer. (She's also a really good singer.) She played Vi, the only good Potential on the last season of Buffy. She created the web series The Guild, was in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and I guess has a recurring role on Supernatural.


Anyway, she wrote a blog entry entitled "'Tiger Lily Doesn't Equal Human Torch' plus a very long rant"


"And bottom line, if you feel so disenfranchised by one role out of TONS of roles being changed up ethnically, if you are saying you can't possibly relate to a character who is another race from you, well, I think that's more a problem of your own than anything else. But don't worry, the stastics say you'll have lots of other entertainment for your point of view to choose from. Around 75%, actually. Hooray, I guess? :/"

I just love it so much.

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