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Feline Aesthetics is a thing?

Artists of all species, unite: There is an under-represented group of artists whose work and aesthetics have gone ignored. Until now. The Painting Cat.

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And yes, this book is real. You can order Why Cats Paint and find out more. For the moment, I'd just like to pay homage to a couple of the great unknowns of the feline artist world, overshadowed by their (probably thieving) human artist masters.


Leonardo de Vinchat


Georgia O'Kat

Frida Kahto

Vincat van Gough


There are so many more, left in the dark corners of history, having cat painted in obscurity for little more than a bowl of milk and the obligation to earn their keep by amusing humans, eating bugs and chasing mice when they would rather have been following their true vocation of covering their paws in paint and creating catterpieces.


Oh, the Felinity!

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