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ETA; the Canadian House of Commons has 338 seats/ridings/electoral districts, so a majority government has to win more than half (169) seats to form a majority.

At issue; governmental transparency, information; collecting and access to, environmental issues (defunding the Environmental Lakes Area, pipeline issues), climate change, muzzling of scientists, especially climatologists and and environmentalists, surveillance, watch lists, BILL C-24!!! (correction: I listed this as c-51), which can strip Canadian citizens of citizenship, the strip-mining of the National Archives. And a raft of other issues.

I think I’ll be checking in with the CBC because they need our support.

There will probably be lots of ETA’s as we go along.

A couple of people have already brought this issue up; possibly premarked ballots being issued to voters. The report is from reddit, so ... who knows?


Some Toronto polls reported problems with late openings.

ETA; Liberals have all 13 ridings that have closed as of 8:18, and are leading in 20.


Holy Hannah! It looks like the Libs are sweeping the Maritimes! 22 elected at 8:28. O for Cons and NDP.

At 8:50, The Liberals have 28 seats and neither of the other two parties have any seats. At this rate there will be no opposition parties! I can only think that people are so steamed at Harper that they are voting Liberal as the most likely party to oust him.

ETA; polls have just closed in central Canada; Ontario and Quebec being the largest provinces. It’ll take some time for those numbers to come in, but the Liberals are at 30 seats. Let me be clear; the Liberals have ALL of the ridings so far.


ETA; the CBC is projecting a Liberal government (no duh!)

ETA; at 9:50 p.m. things are starting to open up a bit. Liberals have won 30 seats, and are leading in 33, but the Cons are now leading in 30 ridings, as results are coming in from Conservative strongholds, and the NDP are leading in 8 ridings.

ETA; here’s a link to the CBC elections page. There’s a clickable map so you can see what the voting is looking like. In some ridings, various candidates are way out in front, but quite a few others are very, very close, and could turn another direction quickly.


ETA; DAMN! My NDP candidate is neck and neck with the Liberal candidate, each at 39.5%. He’s the incumbent, and won 59% of the vote, last election, and this is/has been a strong NDP riding. He lost to the Liberal. :(

ETA; looks like it’s going to be a Liberal majority! They have 40 seats and are leading in 132 ridings, which gives them 172 seats, 3 more than they need for a majority.



ETA; Gilles Duceppe defeated in his riding.


Thanks Crystal Palace; here is the twitter link, and on that note, I’m signing off for the night;