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Throw ‘em at me. I have a covered litter box on my list (this one). I’ll have 1 cat (still in the adoption process, so kitty isn’t here yet) likely around a year or two old, if that matters. Also, I have a 1-bedroom apartment, about 800 sq. ft. I don’t want the whole place smelling of cat litter. I am thinking of installing the litter box either under the bathroom sink or in the entryway closet.

Also, do I need more than 1 litterbox for 1 cat?

I also put a litter genie deodorizing pail thing on my list. Is it worth buying? I live in an apartment and this saves me a trip to the outdoor dumpster every day. Says it can hold scooped litter for up to 2 weeks, and I know that I should totally clean the litter box once a week, and scoop every day.


Edit: Also, I added the “frequently bought together” items from that litterbox to my list. Again, is it worth buying?

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