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Fellow fantasy readers

I follow Jacqueline Carey on Facebook (she is wonderfully interactive with her readers there), and she posted this article this morning, about fantasy series that should be made into TV series. What do you think?

I've always maintained that it would be a terrible idea to but the Kushiel's Dart trilogy on the big screen. I think the politics are too subtle and too intricate to translate well into a visual medium, and unlike Game of Thrones, most of the politicking is integral to the plot and understanding the outcome. Plus I don't know that I would trust any network to not go extremely exploitative with the sexual content.


However, I think both the Abhorsen trilogy and the Song of the Lioness quartet would be extremely fun to see translated into a TV series. I feel like they could do some really beautiful things with both of those stories.

I didn't like the first book in the Night Angel trilogy, or the first book in the Mistborn trilogy, so I never finished those. I think the Pern series is honestly just too weird to have any kind of mass appeal it would have to accrue to justify the kind of money it would take to make it properly. I've never read Wheel of Time or the Mars trilogy, so I don't really have opinions on those. Amber...this one I'm a little torn on. It could work, but I'm just not sure.

What say you, my beautiful friends?

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