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Fellow Jezzies, may I present Baron Black of Crossharbour...

And his views on on the US presidential election. Spoiler alert: He loves Donald Trump. I guess it has to do with them both being flaming narcissists?

Here’s his concluding paragraph:

“Apart from fear of Trump or irreconcilable aversion to him, or the most hackneyed pandering to feminism, there is no reason to vote for Clinton. Trump stands for tax reform, much less hypocritical favouritism to Wall Street and special interests than has greased the wheels for the Clintons for 25 years, serious health care and not the hemorrhaging ineffectuality of Obamacare, the ability to utter the words “Islamist terror” (and to do something about it beyond apologizing to the Muslims), and a foreign policy down the middle between George W. Bush’s trigger-happy, locker room towel-snapping quick draw, and Obama’s Peter Pan peace offerings to America’s mortal enemies. From Archie Bunker to the Honeymooners (Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows and Art Carney), to Pleasantville, America wants change, and unless Trump really stumbles, he is still it.”


Conrad Black was a Canadian newspaper magnate, before he gave up his Canadian citizenship to become a life peer in the House of Lords. Then he was fired by the board of his company and convicted of fraud in the Unites States. He gets a regular column at one of his former newspapers to pontificate from, for old time’s sake.

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