I know you're here. Don't hide. Come! Let's talk!

So as the title suggests, I am obsessed with the pores on my face. Specifically, the ones on my nose. Logically, I know I'm clean. I wash my face. I know that the gunk that's in there are sebaceous filaments, and they will always come back.

But once, just once, I want to empty those fuckers out. Just take out all the gunk.

I even have this intense make-believe routine where I use my Clarisonic, clay masques, and Biore strips in quick succession. I then whip out my magical imaginary tiny vacuum cleaner that literally sucks anything left out of my pores. I then flick a switch and it changes to a device that rinses out my pores with some sort of toner. NOTHING MUST REMAIN.

So. I know I'm not the only weird one. What do you do clean your pores? Even though you know it's essentially a Sisyphean task?


(Image not mine but boy do I relate)