I would like to take this moment to remind everyone, through my blinding rage, that I was robbed, assaulted at gunpoint and then carjacked by a white boy once in his late teens in Fresno, California around a decade ago. It was premeditated, he had a partner, and he robbed and carjacked multiple people before he was caught.

When he was caught he served probation. That's it. PROBATION.

And when we were in court the attorney for his partner in crime (a girl who I have zero sympathy for, because she was a LURE and she knew it) actually argued that the court shouldn't "ruin a promising young person's life." Seriously.

Those were felony offenses: grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon. Those deserved serious punishment, but why "ruin a promising young life" when there are so many un-promising young lives to ruin? Lives that haven't even committed felony offenses, but they probably will.