Remember when Jack Cafferty refused to read "breaking news" about Lindsey Lohan because he didn't deem it appropriate news? What a hero, right?

Well, when Mika Brzezinski shuts down unprofessional, speculative coverage of the missing Malaysia plane crisis, Scarborough Countryman Joe mocks her genuine frustration and then tells her to "bring [her] voice down," makes a "Shhhh" noise (with accompanying hand gestures) and then patronizes her before the network cuts to commercial.

What the ever-loving fuck.

It should be noted that Mika slams the show for trying to milk the disaster for ratings, and appears to be trying to make the argument that what they're doing simply isn't news and they need to get onto a topic for which they have actual facts.

Now, to be fair, a lot of the comments on the YouTube page are calling Scarborough a dick, but the fact that he thinks it's appropriate to make a "quiet down" gesture while hissing "shhh" at his co-worker is insane. And the message is clear — "Pipe down, honey, and let us talk."