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NBC really screwed the pooch on this one. This show is so charming with such a dark, hidden underbelly, it's disturbing what you find yourself laughing at. Does it have problems and problematic jokes? Absolutely. But it's very hard to find any piece of pop culture that is 100% unproblematic. There was a Cosby reference early on that I felt was very off-key, personally.


The cast is dynamic. I've never watched The Office (US) so I wasn't familiar with Ellie Kemper but she won me over instantly. Tituss, Jane & Carol round out the lead cast wonderfully. They have excellent chemistry and comedic timing. The physical comedy (which I'm generally not a huge fan of) had me in stitches. And the guest stars? Oh boy, it pays to be Tina Fey. I won't list them here (surprises are fab) but there some pretty amazing guests on the show.

When I first heard about this pitch I thought 'that can't be done' and then I thought 'no, Tina can do it. If anyone can, Tina can'. Who knew that a show about a Doomsday cult survivor could be so funny? I hope she's able to bring Amy on as a guest next season. I'd love to see her as one of those cult gurus who's attempting to deprogram Kimmy.

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