Okay, so I thought that by sharing a comment to Groupthink, I could also provide commentary on it. This was my first time doing so, and clearly I JUST shared the comment, with no commentary. Oops.

I'm trying to be really nice and patient with LITTLEBITE, with her annoying remarks in regards to birth control. Why?

I am the QUEEN of teaching Feminism 101 to the populace. I am that person who will hold your hand and patiently explain every boring, obvious question you have about feminism. I repeat the same stuff over and over and over again, usually with a smile.

I have friends who told me I single-handedly changed their minds about feminists. I have other friends who told me they had never before considered all the things I told them about feminism.

I only start yelling and getting frustrated when it's with people who are deliberately obtuse, who have had years of me teaching them Feminism 101 (see: my brothers).


So while I want to yell at LITTLEBITE, I'm trying really really hard to explain nicely and logically why she's so off the mark.

But I wouldn't say no to some other polite, logical voices if they would like to chime in.

ETA: Apparently LITTLEBITE is pro-religious liberty and pro-discrimination, so never mind. Reasonable people answer "No" to my questions about employers interfering with healthcare. She answered YES.