Have y'all seen this "Feminism Is" photo project going on at Columbia University?

The "Feminism Is" project is part of a larger "Women in the Media" initiative started by Ilana Greenstein, the events coordinator for the Columbia University Democrats, this semester to "bring awareness to the marginalization and sexism that women, especially female politicians, face in the modern-day media."

Some interesting responses.


(More here)

It's always fascinating to see how different people conceive of "feminism." Looking at the project got me thinking why feminism is important to me.


Here goes:

Feminism is believing we are capable of creating a world where all people stand shoulder to shoulder with one another as equals no matter what their gender, race, sexual preference, religion or any other part of their identity is.

Being a feminist is understanding I must work each day to recognize my privilege and to acknowledge and respect the very different barriers other may people face in their equally important desire to eliminate marginalization.


A MOUTHFUL. Ok that's mine. Now it's your turn! What does feminism (being a feminist) mean you you?